Wings of Thought

  • My Connection to Nature – Galactic Federation on my Balcony


    View from the living room window At the end of May, I noticed that pigeons had made a nest on my balcony. They had two chicks in the nest. The whole extended family, about 20 individuals, had gathered on my balcony to look after them and the result looked like it: the balcony was covered…

  • Our Time in the 3D Mutant Matrix Is Over

    eternal essence of flowing golden light

    Our time in the 3D mutant matrix is over.Our eternal essence is a great river of flowing golden light. The (video) messages of the Galactic Federation are honey for my soul. Since I started the blog dedicated to 5D consciousness ( I look at life from a new perspective. Not everyone likes this, which is…

  • How to detect 5D consciousness in 3D world?

    Earth Day

    44 years ago, while touring Germany, I woke up to the reality that the world we live in is like a huge theatre stage where people create their own lives. Since then, I have actively tried to see behind the scenes to find a sustainable basis on which to build my life. It became much…